Flash 52 – the Flash and the mechanical brain, and Hawkman vs the Hummingbird


Fox is joined by Martin Naydel on a story that brings back a character from All-Flash, Evart Keenan, an alien genius who brings to Earth a highly advanced computer – although the word computer appears nowhere in this story.  The “mechanical brain” is able to answer any and all questions.


Winky. Blinky and Noddy also appear in this tale, adding a level of chaos that extends what is really a fairly simple story.  Criminals use the brain to find a way to defeat the Flash.


They construct an impressive deathtrap,but the Flash still manages to escape.  Peace is restored when the Flash asks the machine how to protect himself against it, and the machine gives him instructions on how to seal it away.


Fox and Moldoff introduce a flying female villain in this story, the Hummingbird.  She is an expert ornithologist, consumed with greed.


She creates a pair of wings for herself, and arms herself with magnesium flares to blind those around her, as she is not much of a hand to hand combatant.


Hawkman captures her fairly easily, but she plays on his softer side, and he agrees to let her go as long as she uses her knowledge and skill responsibly.  Shiera is outraged when she learns what Carter has done, certain that the Hummingbird cannot be trusted.  This is the first time that the Hawks have differing views about whether to trust someone.


Of course, Hawkgirl turns out to be right, and the Hummingbird does return to crime fairly quickly, and Hawkman has to hunt her down again, and owes Shiera a big apology.

The Hummingbird returns in a few months, with a real hate on for Hawkgirl.


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