Flash 44 – the Liar’s Club


The Flash joins the Liar’s Club in issue 44 of Flash Comics (Aug. 44), a concept by Fox and Ferstadt that will become a regular feature, both here and in the pages of All-Flash.


Jay Garrick and his friends form the group to tell outrageous lies about the Flash.  This activity is of such importance to them that they have a plaque made up for the winner.  It gets referred to as an annual event, but the format proved popular, and Liar’s Club stories appeared far more often than once a year.


In each case, the only story really told is the one by Jay Garrick, which the reader is meant to understand is actually a true adventure of the Flash.  So Jay wins all the time by cheating, which is sort of weird.  This tale sees him accidentally wind up speeding into the far future, where he destroys an invading sun that is imperiling the Earth.


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