Flash 42 – the gangster and his son, and the Thunderbolt’s parents


Fox and Ferstadt’s Flash story gets cover featured on issue 42 (June 1943).


The Flash is not really the main character in this story, which deals with a gangster and his son, and the relationship between them over the years.  The boy grows up with a higher moral code than his father, which leads to tensions between them.  The father will not harm the boy, but also doesn’t want his son turning him in.  In the end, the father decides his relationship is more important than his criminal career, and allows the Flash to take him in.


Not that the Flash sits off to the side.  He gets a great scene in which he has to escape from a box thrown into the river.


Wentworth and Aschmeier introduce us to the Thunderbolt’s family in this Johnny Thunder story.  The Thunderbolt pleads with Johnny to give him a vacation so that he can go back to Badhnesia and see his family, so Johnny agrees not to call on him for a month.


The Thunderbolt has been completely athropomorphized as of this story.  He has Thunderbolt parents, who live in an actual house on Badhnesia.  The Japanese have invaded the island, and taken control of it.  Thunderbolt’s father has been captured, and T-bolt tries to free him, but gets captured himself.  He and his father are being drained of their electricity to power Japanese batteries.


Johnnny visits Daisy, and tries to convince her to marry him.  He insists that he will prove himself by doing the same heroic deeds he has done in the past, but now without the Thunderbolt to help him.


Of course, Johnny gets in way over his head, and does need to call on the Thunderbolt.  This is actually a good thing, as the T-bolt is able to escape due to Johnny’s magic words, and frees his father while doing so.  He also rounds up the Japanese on the island, bringing them with him to the US, where they and the gangsters that Johnny is fighting all get taken down together.


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