Flash 41 – the King ends, the Ghost Patrol take on old ghosts, and Hawkman gives a pilot wings


Curious how Big Red always comes off better on the Hawkman covers than Hawkgirl does, as Flash Comics 41 (May 1943) shows yet again.


Gardner Fox and Joe Gallagher bring the King’s series in this book to a close with one of the few stories that does not include the Witch.


Instead, it deals with a scientist who turns to criminals for financial backing to develop an immortality serum.  The King winds up knocking out and tying up the scientist, taking his place to take down the bad guys, while the scientist realizes that providing killers with an immortality serum is not necessarily the wisest move.

Though the King’s series ends in this book, it does continue in Comic Cavalcade.


Ted Udall and Frank Harry give the Ghost Patrol an entertaining story in this issue.  Hitler has become very concerned about how effective the three ghosts are at disrupting his plans, and orders one of his scientists to call up ghosts to fight on his side.


The man succeeds at invoking the ghosts of Napoleon, Atilla the Hun, Genghi Khan and Julius Caesar.


Though they agree to work on Hitler’s side, the ghosts all have plans to betray him and take over the Nazi conquests themselves.  It’s kind of surprising that Hitler would think for even a moment that Napoleon would join his side.


But the ghosts of the ancient conquerors find the noise of modern warfare distressing, and when the Ghost Patrol discover this they make sure to keep them in the midst of the explosive blasts of battle, until they decide to head back to the spirit world on their own.


Joseph Green joins Moldoff on the Hawkman story in this issue, which has a traumatized aviator, and plans for a powerful new gun.  The Nazis have designs on the plans for the gun, and take advantage of Hawkman’s attempt to make the pilot feel safe in the air again.


Hawkman’s methods are a bit bizarre, as he kidnaps the man while he sleeps, flies him up into a tree and straps a spare pair of wings onto him.  With the pilot up in the tree, the Nazis go into his house and steal the plans for the gun.


Hawkgirl is in the story, but marginalized.  Hawkman gets shot by the Nazis, which spurs the pilot into flying out of the tree to rescue him, restoring his confidence.  And Hawkman is not seriously wounded, capturing the Nazis on his own.


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