Flash 37 – Minute Movies goes musical, and Hawkman goes after Chance


The cover of Flash 37 (Jan. 43) was probably better in concept than in execution.  And once again, Hawkgirl left her headgear behind before reaching the cover.


Minute Movies has it’s most off-beat, and enjoyable, installment in this issue, by Ed Wheelan.


The regular cast member are all around, but rather than acting out a story, they are performing in a revue for the troops, a combination of sketches and songs.  It’s all similar to the movies Stage Door Canteen and Hollywood Canteen from the era.


It also lays the groundwork for more behind the scenes stuff, which will appear occasionally.


Hawkman and Hawkgirl come to the aid of a young woman after he almost gets run down by a car.  It turns out that her step-father is the one trying to have her killed, before she can reveal his evil schemes in her newspaper column.


He calls himself Chance, and gambles with people for their lives.  Hawkman begins on the case, but when he gets captured Big Red calls Hawkgirl in as well.  But as so often happens, all she does is get into trouble and need to be rescued.

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