Flash 36 – the Flash vs Rag Doll


Rag Doll gets the cover of Flash 36 (Dec. 42), his only appearance in the Golden Age.


Fox and Lou Ferstadt introduce the Rag Doll in this story, a triple-jointed contortionist who turns to crime after the carnival he travels with goes bankrupt.


He learns of a society treasure hunt that is taking place, organized by Joan Williams, with a prize of $150,000 in defense bonds.  Pretending to be a real life-sized rag doll, he has himself mailed to Joan, so that he can get a jump on the clues.


It’s a really well plotted story, and the Rag Doll makes an excellent villain.  There is even a cool death trap for the Flash, with a creepy looking octopus.  We never see Rag Doll out of his costume, which helps build a weirdness about him.  It’s kind of a shame that it took thirty years for him to return.


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