Flash 25 – the Whip in New York, and Hawkgirl gets shot


Hawkman’s new sidekick, Big Red, gets to share the cover of Flash Comics 25 (Jan. 42) with him.


For the lat few issues, the Whip has been in New York City.  This was not really an improvement to the strip.  He no longer worked to rights the wrongs of exploited Latino workers, and now faced the same sort of criminals as any other heroes.  As well, Marisa Dillon accompanied Rod Gaynor to New York, and yet still seems to be unaware of his double identity, which strains credulity.


I included this story because it has the most impressive sequence in any Whip story.  Wentworth and Homer Fleming have the Whip dealing with stock swindlers.  Marisa is going to expose them in a news article, so they kidnap her and throw her off the roof of the building.  The Whip makes his horse leap off, and uses his whip to catch the falling woman.  The sequence does not look a good as it might, but you still have to be impressed with his daring.


Hawkgirl goes back into action in the Fox and Moldoff story in this issue, which also sees the first appearance of Big Red in this comic.  Hawkman’s hawk sidekick was introduced in a recent Justice Society adventure in All-Star Comics.


Shiera’s uncle Nestor has created a youth serum, and winds up getting kidnapped by hoods.  Hawkman goes into action, and Big Red calls on Shiera to get her to join the case.


Sadly, once again Hawkgirl does not get an opportunity to do much, as she gets shot as soon as she reaches the bad guys.  This enrages Hawkman, who takes the villains down really quickly.  But the youth serum that started the whole tale turns out not to work on humans.


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