Flash 24 – the Flash goes to Mars, and Shiera dons the costume


Flash does some high kicks on the cover of Flash Comics 24 (Dec. 41).


Fox, Hibbard and Sharp send the Flash into space in this story.


A scientist builds a blimp-like spaceship, and teams with a gangster to create a colony on Mars.  The gangster’s role is to kidnap people who will serve as the colonists.  The Flash manages to get into the ship before it leaves the atmosphere, with his leap into the air explained using some pretty decent science.  The Flash is not credited with the ability to actually fly, just to leap using his speed.


Mars turns out to be inhabited by spider people, and the Flash winds up having to work with the bad guys to save the colonists.  The gangster gets killed by the spider-men, which makes it fairly easy for the Flash to convince the scientist that the colony was a bad idea, and they all return to Earth.


Shiera becomes a costumed hero in this Fox and Moldoff story, which pre-dates the debut of Wonder Woman, making her one of the very first female super-heroes in this story.


Carter provides her with the costume, intended simply for a masquerade ball.  Hawkman’s bird friends mistake her for Hawkman, and get her to come help some people in danger.  Incidentally, Shiera first refers to herself as Hawkwoman, although she would come to be known as Hawkgirl.


Shiera shows a lot of confidence and courage as she goes up against some mobsters, even though she doesn’t actually succeed at doing much.  The bad guys are not at all afraid of her, dismissing her because of her gender.  The birds, apparently unable to distinguish male and female, are confused about how useless Hawkman is, and even more puzzled when they see him.


Hawkman saves Shiera and beats the bad guys, and insists that Shiera return the costume to him.  But Shiera counters that he would never have even known about the bad guys if it wasn’t for her. This isn’t exactly true, as it was the birds who told both of them.  But the narrative informs the audience that Shiera will continue to be Hawkman’s partner.


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