Flash 21 – Johnny Thunder meets Peachy Pet, and Hawkman blinds the giant


Hawkman takes on a Neptunian giant in Flash Comics 21 (Sept. 41).


Wentworth and Aschmeier add a child to the supporting cast in this story, which sees Johnny Thunder go to the rodeo.  He rescues an orphan girl who falls into the ring, and winds up, with the help of his Thunderbolt, becoming a rodeo star.


The other riders resent Johnny, and scheme to kill him.  The girl, Peachy Pet, overhears them and pleads for Johnny’s life, and they relent.  Peachy is within the normal, lovable, orphan category in this story for the most part, but she will quickly turn into a sheer terror.


Fox and Moldoff pit Hawkman against an alien giant in this story.  Hawkman sees an spaceship crash.  The crew of the ship are all dead, but Hawkman finds a giant egg in the craft, and takes it home.


Noel Ratchford is in love with Shiera Saunders, so he hates Carter Hall, as his rival.  Shiera, of course, has no interest in Ratchford.  Ratchford breaks into Carter Hall’s home, and finds the egg, which he steals.  It promptly hatches into an albino child, who rapidly ages into a giant.  He is from Neptune, and has destructive vision powers.  Ratchford lies to the alien, calling himself Carter Hall, and sends him out to kill in his name.  It’s a pretty complex revenge plot.  You might think he would have just sent the alien to kill Carter.


Hawkman blinds the alien, shoving a spear into his eye, although Moldoff avoids showing this directly.  Once he figures out Ratchford’s plans, he kills the alien and turns Ratchford over to the police.  Not the greatest plot, but the art is good enough to carry the tale anyway.


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