Flash 20 – the Flash ties up the phone wires, Johnny Thunder learns the magic word, and Les Watts becomes Les Sparks


The cover of Flash 20(Aug. 41) shows the best scene in the Flash story inside.


Fox and Sharp spin a tale that sees Joan Williams buy a utility company, which I guess people did back in those days.  Oddly, the Flash winds up helping the original owners get the company back, which Joan doesn’t seem to mind.


By far the most entertaining scene in the story is the one pictured on the cover, when the Flash tosses the bad guys into the telephone wires.


Sadly, the copy I have of this issue is missing a couple of pages from the start of the Wentworth and Aschmeier Johnny Thunder story.  So I have no idea if there is a scene in which Johnny Thunder actually figures out that “cei-u” is his magic word, or if he just suddenly knows it at the top of the story.  Either way, Johnny is now aware of the word, so the comedic premise of his strip changes.


Now the comedy lies with the Thunderbolt, and his interactions with Johnny.  The T-bolt has taken on a more human-ish appearance, and enjoys literally interpreting Johnny’s commands, even when this goes against the intended meaning.


Les Watts has changed his name to Les Sparks, for some unexplained reason, as of this Don Cameron story.  In some ways, this is one of Les’ most impressive adventures, as he aids the US navy in fending off a foreign invasion.


Curiously, despite the fact that the invading nation is coming from the Pacific, they are not shown to be Asian.  Nor is the country that has this fleet ever named.


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