Flash 9 – Hawkman meets Poseidon, the Thunderbolt speaks, and Rod Rian fights space dragons


Hawkman has some big, solid looking wings on the cover of Flash 9 (Sept. 40).


Hawkman goes under the sea in this story by Fox and Moldoff.


Underwater creatures emerge and start attacking the surface world, being lead by King Jupo.  Hawkman manages to fit a diving helmet over his mask as he descends below the waves, still wearing his wings, which cannot possibly be of any help.  It’s to Hawkman’s good fortune that the god Poseidon intervenes, giving the hero the ability to breathe underwater.  Poseidon makes it very clear, after Hawkman has defeated Jupo, that this ability will last indefinitely, but we never actually see Hawkman breathing underwater again.


Johnny Thunder decides to learn magic tricks in this story by Wentworth and Aschmeier.  The tale is nothing special in and of itself, but it does see a major development in the series.  We also get to see Johnny Thunder’s mother.


For the first time, Johnny’s Thunderbolt is anthropomorphized.  It not merely has a face and hands, but also speaks, and seems to take delight in the chaos that ensues by fulfilling Johnny’s wishes.


It seems that they were not too sure about this change, as the last couple of pages return to showing the Thunderbolt in it’s simpler form.


Rod Rian gets a few more pages than usual in this issue, and Jepson has some beautiful art.


The story is yet another chapter in the war between the Uncors, lead by Taro, and Mephisto’s people, with Rod and Karin on Taro’s side.  We get to see the Uncor city, before an aerial battle between the two sides begins.


Rod’s ship gets attacked by a space dragon, and he winds up plummeting towards the ground as the chapter comes to a close.



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