Flash 17 – Cliff Cornwall and Flash Picture Novelette end, and Hawkman vs the Golden Mummy


One of the weaker Moldoff covers on Flash 17 (May 1941).


Cliff Cornwall’s series had dropped in quality after Moldoff left it for Hawkman.  Ben Flinton and Leonard Sansone are the artists on this final story, which sees Cliff head down to the Caribbean.  The story deals with the spread of World War 2 into the Caribbean islands, and Cliff going down to ensure that the US does not wind up getting dragged into the conflict.


It all feels a little bizarre, with the US less than a year away from entering the war.  So what happened to Cliff Cornwall after this?  Well, considering the skill he demonstrated in covert actions in this story, I expect he got recruited into the the nascent US spy service, and went undercover from this point on.


Ed Wheelan’s Flash Picture Novelette series ends with this story about a phony psychic, replaced by Minute Movies, by the same artist.


The story features Inspector Pierce, who had been the detective in four or five stories of this run, but never became a headliner.


Fox and Moldoff send Carter and Shiera to the opera in this story, where the diva gets murdered while performing.


A phony mystical group, the Golden Mummy sect, are the ones behind the murder, and later kidnap Shiera.  Though Hawkman defeats them, he also exposes the Golden Mummy as really the police doctor on the case, who dreamed up the whole sect to cover his crimes.



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