Flash 13 – Les Watts in the cemetery, and Hawkman vs Satana


There is an exciting Hawkman scene on the cover of Flash 13 (Jan. 41), but unfortunately is has no connection with the story inside.


Cameron sends Les Watts into a story that appears supernatural in this issue.  After a ship gets destroyed by a remote controlled bomb, Les and his friends track the signal, which leads them to a cemetery.


The villain looks sort of vampiric, and has a lair under the graveyard.  But he turns out to be a failed stage magician gone insane, giving it a bit of a Scooby-Doo ending.


Fox and Moldoff give Hawkman an interesting villain in this issue, Satana.  Despite her name, their is nothing mystical about her, she falls into the mad scientist category, and was likely inspired by Dr. Moreau.


Satana has tigers that she has implanted human brains into, and who obey her commands.  Satana kidnaps Shiera, and intends to take her brain for one of her tigers, but Hawkman intervenes and saves her.

Although Satana makes no further appearances in the Golden Age, she does return around the millenium, facing Power Girl.


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