Flash 11 – Hawkman and the real estate scam, Johnny Thunder goes skiing, and Rod Rian ends


Hawkman does fight a gorilla, but that happened in the previous issue.  But I guess since Hawkman did not appear on the cover of that issue, it’s not so bad that this is shown on the cover of Flash 11 (Nov. 40).


And honestly, the Fox and Moldoff story in this issue is nothing really special.


Shiera winds up getting captured by a phony real estate developer, and Carter Hall goes into action as Hawkman to save her.  Frankly, a gorilla would have been a welcome addition to the story.


Johnny Thunder’s logo alters to his name with this Wentworth and Aschmeier story, and Johnny now is perfectly aware that he has a magic thunderbolt that will do whatever he asks it to.  On the other hand, he has not yet figured out what the magic word is that summons him.


In this tale, he takes Daisy Darling to a ski resort owned by her father, which has been losing money.  The manager of the resort has been sabotaging the ski runs, hoping to bankrupt the place so that he can buy it cheaply.  Johnny figures out the scheme, and is lucky enough to have accidentally uttered “cei-u” so that the Thunderbolt can take out the crooked manager.


Jepson’s Rod Rian of the Sky Police series comes to a conclusion in this issue.


Rod spends most of the chapter dealing with a sea monster, and discovering a city of mer-people, none of which has any direct bearing on the over-riding storyline.


The series does come to a proper, if abrupt, conclusion.  Rod returns to Taro’s kingdom and is informed that they have defeated Mephisto, and is re-united with Karin.

Presumably, after this he and Karin head back to his own city, and continues with his job on the Sky Police.


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