Flash 7 – Hawkman vs Czar, and Johnny Thunder becomes a costumed hero


Hawkman and the villain that he battles in this issue both appear on the cover of Flash 7 (July 1940).


A crazed artist, Boris Nickaloff, creates a man out of “plasm clay,” in this Fox and Moldoff tale.  He calls the creature Czar, and brings him to life.  Czar is basically unkillable, and Boris plans to have Czar commit crimes that he can profit from.


Shiera is back, and heads over to see Carter Hall, but winds up getting captured by Czar.  At first Hawkman thinks Czar is a vampire, and tries using silver bullets on him.  That fails, but he dies learn that Czar needs to breathe.  Hawkman grabs some bolas, and uses them to bring the creature down.

This is the first time that Moldoff draws attention to the weaponry that Hawkman uses, which will become a feature of his stories.


Johnny Thunder loses his job as a G-Man in this Wentworth and Aschmeier story, which opens showing young Johnny using how powers to torment a teacher at school.


When he sees a woman being chased by a group of men, Johnny uses the thunderbolt to get her free of them.  But it turns out that the woman was a spy, La Belle Tarte, and the men he took down were other federal agents.  This mistake costs Johnny his job.  But knowing that he has magical powers, even though he does not yet know the word that brings them forth, Johnny puts on a costume and decides to become a super-hero.


He does successfully bring in La Belle Tarte, but when he tries to show off his powers to Daisy Darling and her father, they have worn off, and he simply makes a fool of himself.



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