Flash 5 – The King meets the Witch, Hawkman heads to Asia, Johnny Thunder as a G-Man, and Rod Rian vs the skeleton people


The King gets the cover of Flash Comics 5 (May 1940), as well as a major supporting player.flash_5_005

With no preamble, the Witch is introduced into the King’s series, in a story by Fox and Lampert.  She is a criminal master of disguise, so the perfect counterpart to the King.


When not in disguise, the Witch highly resembles Myrna Mallon, and I believe these two women are really the same person.  They clearly know each other already, and have some degree of friendship/romance.  The King does not send the Witch to jail at the end of the story, he is simply content to have beaten her.  The Witch will wind up appearing in almost every King story as they play their games with each other.


Fox and Moldoff provide another visually beautiful Hawkman story in this issue, as he heads to Asia to rescue Ione Craig, a secret agent kidnapped by a sect of assassins.


The story has its fair share of racism and misogyny, but also helps create the overall feel of the series, with Hawkman in an exotic locale.


Wentworth and Aschmeier have Johnny Thunder become a G-Man in this story.  It seems remarkably easy, he more or less just asks to be one. His first case involves a bank vault that disappeared, which happened to have his father in it at the time.


But the real goal of the Johnny Thunder series was to make the reader laugh, and this turns into a very slapstick adventure, with Johnny trapped in a runaway piano.  As usual, the Thunderbolt powers save the day, and Johnny remains oblivious.


Some more really enjoyable sci-fi art by Jepson on the Rod Rian story, which gets three,  whole pages in this issue.  The man who turned into a skeleton in the previous chapter is not dead, and in fact there is an entire city of skeleton people, living in a giant skull.


Rod, Taro and Karin manage to get away from the skeleton people by having the guy who drank the water in the previous chapter change back into normal human form, and Rod pretends that he has special powers which caused this.



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