Flash 4 – Hawkman vs the Thought Terror, Johnny Thunder is offered a new job, Rod Rian doesn’t drink the water, the King in disguise, and the Whip makes them eat


The Whip gets the cover of Flash 4 (April 1940).


Sheldon Moldoff takes over as the artist on Gardner Fox’s Hawkman series, which improves the strip immensely.  In this story, Hawkman comes to the aid of a man who has been hypnotized into throwing himself in front of a car.


Shiera also falls prey to the Thought Terror’s mind control.  She refers to him, as does the narration, as the Hawk in this story.


Moldoff does a great job with the climactic scene, as Hawkman plays Perseus, using a polished shield to reflect the Thought Terror’s power back on him, frying the villain’s mind.


Daisy Darling is none too happy that Johnny Thunder won the heavyweight championship in this Wentworth and Aschmeier story, although her father feels differently, having wagered and won a large sum of money on Johnny.


Johnny, whose Thunderbolt is still invisible in this story, winds up saving Daisy’s father from being robbed, and the policemen who takes in the bad guy suggests that Johnny become a G-Man.  Johnny is not keen on the idea, but Daisy is.


Rod Rian’s strip has been reduced to a mere two pages, which is a real shame, as I enjoy Jepson’s art.


The brevity of the story, and the necessity of ending on a cliffhanger, means that there is little time or space for any real development.  Taro leads his men to save Rod and Karin, but then one of them drinks water that reduces him to a skeleton.


The King is now being drawn by Harry Lampert, while Fox continues to script.


In this story, the King gets into disguise as English Pete, a thief who is the one the King is after.


Myrna Mallon helps out the King.  This is supposedly her final appearance, though I tend to think that she simply adopts the identity of the Witch, who will become a regular cast member in the series.


Wentworth is joined by Homer Fleming on this story, which once again deals with the plight of poor Latino workers being exploited.


The Whip forces the white landowners to live the way they impose on their workers, the long, grueling hours and terrible food.

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