Superman 710 – young Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne vs Vandal Savage


As I suspected, Grounded does nothing for me.  Straczynski is joined by Chris Roberson, Barrows, Travel Foreman, Mayer and John Dell III on Superman 710 (June 2011), the tenth issue of the story, but the first I felt a need to write about, simply because it uses a classic villain.  Superman has continued walking across the US, being trailed by an angry woman.  The stories are pretty moody, and not very enjoyable.  There was one that dealt with child abuse, but it had an extremely patronizing tone.


This story has Batman catch up with Superman, and the two reminisce about earlier days.


The bulk of the tale consists of a flashback, of Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent meeting up in Asia in their travels before adopting their costumed identities.  They wind up running into Vandal Savage, who has taken control of part of the Chinese army, and is using them in an attempt to find and conquer Nanda Parbat.


There is one page I like, as it somewhat reprises the cover of Action 1, although in this case it’s a tank that Superman is lifting.  Together, they stop Vandal Savage’s army.


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