Superman 698 – Superman and Mon-El vs Luthor and Brainiac


Superman returns to his own book with issues 698 (May 2010), as the Last Stand of New Krypton pits him and Mon-El against Luthor and Brainiac in a story by Robinson, Pina and Chang.


Brainiac has sent robotic drones to New Krypton, slaughtering the citizens as Zod and Ursa try to determine how to strike back.


Superman is being held captive aboard Brainiac’s headship, and Mon-El comes to the rescue.  But before he reaches the hero he has to face much nastier versions of Brainiac’s classic pet Koko.


Brainiac tries to draw all the knowledge Superman has gained about New Krypton, but the hero manages to break free of his restraints.


Mon-El winds up not only fighting against the white apes, but also the four alien races from the 1960s origin of Ultra – The Multi-Alien.  The telepathic aliens in one of Brainiac’s bottle cities send out a plea for help.


But before they can do anything about the bottled cities, Superman and Mon-El have to face a horde of killer robots.

The story continues in the next issue of Adventure.



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