Superman 693 – Mon-El escapes


Mon-El is in the dangerous clutches of Sam Lane in Superman 693 (Dec. 09), by Robinson, Dagnino and Fernandez.


Mon-El wakes to find himself a prisoner of General Lane, and sees his powerful operatives Atlas, Parasite, Mirabia, Metallo, Reactron and Codename Assassin.  Lane has his scientists experiment on Mon-El, testing the limits of his resiliency and healing factors.


But the Parasite is not a happy member of this team, and frees Mon-El, so that Mon can help him escape.  Of course, he tries to betray Mon-El at the critical moment, but both do make it through the dimensional gate.  The brief difference in time becomes a larger difference in the outside world.  When Mon-El emerges, it’s to a scene of widespread destruction.  General Lane is there, and informs Mon-El that the Parasite was not responsible for the wreckage.  Brainiac and Luthor caused it during their breakout, as seen in the last issue of Adventure Comics.


The issue ends as the Guardian and the Science Police face off against Bizarro.

The story continues in the next issue.


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