Superman 692 – mourning Mon-El


Metropolis deals with the murder of Mon-El and the destruction of their sewer system in the Robinson, Fernando Dagnino and Raul Fernandez story in Superman 692 (Nov. 09).


The Guardian and the Science Police are run off their feet, as villains take advantage of Mon-El’s absence.  We see them chase and capture Riot and Bloodsport.  Morgan Edge promotes Sam Lane and Squad K as the big heroes of the day, and tars Supergirl, Nightwing and Flamebird as Kryptonian murderers and terrorists.


We also catch up with Mirabai.  Zachary Zatara is now her prisoner.  It turns out that Mark Merlin was never really a part of the story, he was just another of Mirabai’s disguises.  This disappoints me a bit, only in the speed with which this was done.  I could easily have read a half dozen more pages building this storyline before the big reveal.  Once again, this was a case of Sam Lane using one of his operatives to take another Metropolis hero off the board.


The Guardian leads the Science Police in a wake for Jonathan Kent, having revealed to them that he was really Mon-El.  He also reveals to Billi Harper that he knew from the start that she was really his niece.  That’s why he chose for his special unit.


There is another big reveal in the issue.  After some decent, subtle, clues, we see that SP member Wilcox is really Sensor Girl, from the Legion of Super-Heroes.


And as the story ends, Sam Lane and Codename Assassin walk through their secret base, past a load of cool cameos. The top row refers back to World War 2, with G.I. Robot, the original Robotman and Robot Dog, a Manhunter and Mekanique.  The bottom row is also from the same era historically, if not publishing-wise, with the Creature Commandos.  Their code number refers to the issue of Weird War Stories that they debuted in.  But the real thrill for me was the middle row, with the original incarnation of the Outsiders, from First Issue Special 10 (their code number being FIS10).  These Outsiders had never appeared since their original story.

After this, we see that Mon-El is alive, and a captive of General Lane.

The story continues in the next issue.


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