Superman Annual 14 – the origin of Mon-El


Robinson and Pina delve into the past of Daxam, and Mon-El’s days before leaving his world in Superman Annual 14.


In one of those touches I love so much, the story opens with Mon-El at a Metropolis nightclub called Reverb, run by the brother of Vibe, who had used the name of club as his alternate identity when he was a member of the Conglomerate in the early 90s.


But the bulk of the tale deals with the history of Daxam.  A technologically advanced world, the Daxamites had explored the far regions of space, even reaching Earth.  The discovery that other suns endowed them with super-powers had resulted in a backlash on the home world, which became increasingly conservative and religious.


Daxam turned it back on its science, and space exploration, and centuries passed, as their technology declined into ignorance and superstition.


Young Lar Gand was fascinated with his world’s history, and longed to leave the planet and go exploring.  But when it actually happened it was a question of necessity rather than want, as Lar finds himself betrayed by pone of his friends, and must flee for his life.


The story skips over his interaction with Jor-El on Krypton, but does have his first meeting with young Clark Kent when he arrives on Earth.



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