Superman 691 – Mon-El ambushed


Superman 691 (Oct. 09) continues the Codename: Patriot story arc that has run through all the Superman books this month, with a story by Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes.


Supergirl leads Mon-El down into the sewers, where he immediately gets attacked by Nightwing and Flamebird.  Supergirl joins in on the fight against the very puzzled Mon-El, which is all being captured on film.  But the reality is that these are Mirabai, Reactron and Metallo, all in disguise thanks to Mirabai’s magic.  Together they defeat Mon-El, and then blow up the Metropolis sewer system.


Superman is busy, chasing Val-Dar to Markovia.  General Lane set up Val-Dar to believe that the diplomatic meeting between the US and Markovia had to do with an attack on New Krypton.  Both Superman and Val-Dar are playing right into General Lane’s hands.  He makes his big public return, leading his forces against the dangerous Kryptonians, blasting them with enough kryptonite to kill Val-Dar.


Superman is surprised to see that Sam Lane is still alive, and acting so malevolently.  He has put together some of Lane’s scam, but isn’t sure what action to take.


A lot of Sam Lane’s plans are made clear in this story.  We see that Mirabai comes from a magical realm, which Lane uses for instantaneous transportation.  Morgan Edge is also one of Lane’s lawns, spreading exactly the slant Lane wants on the media.  By the end of this issue, Lane feels that all his plans have come to fruition perfectly.


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