Superman 690 – everyone but Mon-El


Superman 690 (Sept. 09) seems to take place both after and during the previous issue.  The battle between Atlas and Steel follows on the events at the conclusion of that issue, but Mon-El’s absence from the Robins and Pere Perez story implies that he is on his world travels.


John Henry Irons manages to get into his Steel armor, but even that is no help against Atlas, who uses Steel’s own hammer against him.


There is an odd sequence with Zachary Zatara.  He meets an old janitor in the theatre, and then gets attacked by the Parasite, in disguise as an adoring fan.  But the Parasite then vanishes, and the janitor reveals himself to be Mark Merlin, long believed dead.  Mark recruits Zatara in his quest for Prince Ra-Man, an other-dimensional being connected to Mark, from waaaay back in 1960s House of Secrets stories.


Dr. Light and the Guardian begin seeing each other socially.  The note at the bottom of the page implies that much more will come of this, but nothing much really does.


And in an odd, and seemingly pointless sequence, Tellus meets with the Daxamite Green Lantern, Sodam Yat, and convinces the Green Lantern not to interact with Mon-El, as this would have negative consequences in the future.




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