Superman 687 – lots of people spying on each other


Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes continue with the adventures of Mon-El and the Guardian in Superman 687 (June 2009).


Mon-El takes down Shrapnel as the story begins.  The Guardian is there, and notes that Mon-El still lacks the grace and precision of Superman, but is getting the job done.


Black Lightning has also come to town, and takes out the Untouchables.  We see that the Prankster now has robotic rats keeping an eye on things in the city for him.


Jimmy Olsen meets with Zachary Zatara, showing him the footage he has of the mysterious floating man, and the beams coming from the sky during the fight between Atlas and Krypto.  The Parasite is in the wings, watching and listening.  Zatara has little information to give Jimmy, but does insist that nothing magical was going on.


Atlas has made friends with John Henry Irons, and gets a tour of the Steelworks, as well as the complex sewer system under Metropolis.


The Guardian puts together a special unit of the Science Police, which includes both Jonathan Kent and Billi Harper.  While Sanderson is not hugely important, both Wilcox and Romundi will be significant, and are not who they seem to be.


As the issue ends, Mon-El brings down Plastique, but winds up plummeting into the harbour as his powers fade.

The story continues in the next issue.


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