Superman 686 – Mon-El gets a job


Mon-El and the Guardian begin starring in Superman with issue 686 (May 2009), by Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes.


While the Guardian leads the Science Police, Mon-El takes to the skies as the new hero of Metropolis.


Atlas makes friends with Bibbo, and though him makes contact with John Henry Irons.


Mon-El gets into a fight with Rampage, and though he triumphs, by flying her way into the air and then letting her drop to the ground, the Guardian is not hugely impressed.  Even though Rampage did not land on anyone or anything, she very well could have.  Mon-El has the powers of Superman, but not the training or finesse.


Steel also has concerns about the damage Mon-El is creating, and the Guardian decides that Mon-El should join the Science Police.  The Guardian can then train him, and keep an eye on him.  We see that Sam Lane and Codename Assassin are also keeping their eyes on him.


As Jonathan Kent begins working for the Science Police, he meets Billi Harper, recently transferred from Gotham (and the Batman books).  She is the grand-niece of the original Jim Harper, and though she is keeping that a secret, moved to be closer to the Guardian.




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