Superman 685 – Superman ends, Mon-El begins


Superman bids farewell to his wife, his mother and Earth in the lead story from Superman 685 (April 2009), by Robinson and Javier Pina.  But he does not bid farewell to his dead father, despite the cover image.


Picking up from the end of the last issue of Action, Superman has removed Mon-El from the dissolving Phantom Zone, but once back on Earth, his lead poisoning takes effect, killing him.  Superman tries to contact the Legion of Super-Heroes, but gets no response.  On the other hand, a mysterious “drink me” bottle does show up from them.  It does cure Mon-El, but Superman is still puzzled as to why he was no contacted directly.


The Guardian dreams about the vision he had, in the Adventure Comics issue a couple of months ago, of an imprisoned Tellus.  The story here implies that he has decided to go and find and free Tellus immediately, although that is not what happens.


Alura has invited Superman to come live on New Krypton, but demands that he sever all contacts with Earth.  Superman decides that he needs to accept Alura’s offer, to keep an eye on Zod.  He talks with his mother, and with Lois Lane, letting them know how much he cares for them, even though he is going to stop seeing or contacting them while he goes to live on New Krypton.

This ends Superman’s run in his own book, as he moves over to the World of New Krypton miniseries.


Mon-El begins his run in this book with a back-up story by Robinson and Pablo Raimondi.  His origin is briefly recapped, part of the “Origins and Omens” stories this month.


Much more of the story is devoted to setting up Mon-El for his forthcoming run.  He visits Ma Kent, who has also taken in Krypto.  He needs an identity for living on Earth, and Ma suggests he adopt the name Jonathan Kent.


He does this, as he moves to Metropolis to protect the city while Superman is on New Krypton.


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