Superman 684 – the Parasite’s tale


Robinson is joined by Merino for the Faces of Evil story in Superman 684 (March 2009), which features the Parasite.


The story begins as Superman and the Science Police get his enemies out of the Phantom Zone, returning them to prison.  Mon-El comes to the verge of the Zone, letting Superman know that General Zod, Ursa and Non have also left the Zone.  The Parasite takes advantage of this to make contact with Mon-El, and drains the Daxamite’s powers. Superman manages to get the Parasite restrained, and he is taken back to Stryker’s.


But the Parasite was simply biding his time, and once Superman has left he uses the Daxamite powers he has stolen to bust out.  The Parasite narrates the story, and we see that his original persona, Rudy Jones, has once again taken control of his body, with Torval Freeman all but gone, except for some of his scientific knowledge.


The Guardian gets appointed the head of the Science Police, and reveals his identity as Jim Harper to the rest of the crew, explaining his history, and being a clone.


The original Flash, Jay Garrick, meets with the new Nightwing and Flamebird, but we don’t really know what they discuss.


Superman heads to New Krypton to inform Alura that Zod and his people are no longer in the Phantom Zone, but Alura is already aware of this.  To Superman’s horror, he discovers that Alura had them all released, and Zod is now in charge of the Kryptonian army.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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