Superman 681 – Krypton on Earth


Robinson, Guedes and Magalhaes continue with the New Krypton story, following the Brainiac story arc from Action Comics, in Superman 681 (Dec. 08).


Supergirl is thrilled to find her parents, Zor-El and Alura, and her best friend, Thara, are still alive and now on Earth after Kandor is freed from Brainiac.  The Kandorians fly off to explore their new world.


But not everyone is as happy about this as Supergirl.  Superman gets confronted by members of the Justice League and Justice Society, who worry about the huge number of super-powered Kryptonians now on Earth.


Lois Lane learns that Agent Liberty has gone back to work for the government.  A meeting is arranged between the Kandorians and the president of the US, and Agent Liberty is going to be acting as security.


But it’s not the Kandorians that cause the problem, as Doomsday suddenly appears at the event.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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