Superman 677 – the return of Atlas


James Robinson begins his run as writer with Superman 677 (Aug. 08), with Guedes and Magalhaes on the art.


Things open on a really light note, as Superman and Green Lantern play frisbee with Krypto in space.


Robinson introduces the Science Police, an element of the Legion of Super-Heroes, into present day Metropolis, run by the mysterious Control.  She monitors everything going on in the city with hovercams.


The Science Police go into action against an invading monster, and are not that impressive in their first outing, getting trashed by the creature.  The battle reaches the globe atop the Daily Planet building, sending it crashing towards the ground.  Atlas makes his big debut, appropriately catching and holding up the globe.


But it becomes clear immediately that this is no new hero for Metropolis, and he is searching for Superman.  This is the second appearance of the character, following his debut in First Issue Special 1, back in 1975.


Atlas spends a few pages tearing up the city, before Superman arrives as the issue ends.

The story concludes in the next issue.

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