Superman 676 – with Green Lantern against Solomon Grundy


Vito Delsante, Julian Lopez and Javier Bergantino have a one-shot story that pits Superman against his old (70s) foe, Solomon Grundy in Superman 676 (July 2008).  There seems to be a bit of a 70s revival in these issues.


The story has Luthor send his men after Grundy, finding him in the sewers of Gotham City.  They later release him in Metropolis.


Clark Kent happens to be interviewing Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, getting his views on the modern heroes.  This gets interrupted by a crazed horde running in terror.  Green Lantern shoots into action against Grundy, but gets taken down.


So Superman gets some solo play fighting the marshland monster.  One might expect Superman to do a bit better in this struggle.


But it does take the two heroes together to take down Grundy.  Alan is sure he will return, he always does.  There is a nice touch in their final conversation, as Superman reveals that Green Lantern was Pa Kent’s favourite hero from the Justice Society.  But Superman preferred Starman.


The story ends with Luthor and Dr. Teng, and the creation of Bizarro.  This is sort of implied to have some connection with experiment on Grundy, even though that makes no sense in the chronology.


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