Superman 675 – the new Galactic Golem


Busiek reboots a classic 70s villain as he concludes both this storyline and his run, with Superman 675 (June 2008), with art by Guedes, Magalhaes and Jorge Correa Jr.


Superman has both Paragon and the elders of Daxam to deal with as the story starts. Superman tries to warn the elders of Daxam that they will fall victim to lead poisoning if they stay on Earth, but they have no interest in listening to him, just in attacking him and getting Superman to turn over Mon-El.


Paragon does listen, and shoots the elders.  The bullets pass through their bodies, but the lead poisoning begins to take effect.


Mon-El warns Superman about a Daxamite legend, which the elders seem to be referencing.  It’s a new origin for the Galactic Golem, which is not really named that until a bit later, as Superman compares the Daxamite legend with the legend of the Golem.  The origin is also reminiscent of Doomsdays, in that a Daxamite scientist tried to create the ultimate weapon, which wound up destroying everyone.


And sure enough, that’s exactly what the elders were sending Superman’s way.  It looks a lot more impressive than the pre-Crisis version.


Paragon uses his power on the Golem, to try to determine it’s nature, and potentially how to defeat it, but almost dies.


Superman risks it all to enter the Golem, and finds its core, destroying it and saving the Earth.  The art neatly references the original story of the Golem, with the swirl in its forehead as the weak point.

The best story of Busiek’s run.  And the last appearance of Paragon and the Galactic Golem to date.


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