Superman 673 – Superman vs Insect Queen


Busiek and Merino conclude the Insect Queen storyline in Superman 673 (April 2008).


Superman gets a vision of the world if Insect Queen succeeds at her plan.  Can’t help but notice how often in Busiek’s run there are scenes of potential futures.  They do make for interesting visuals, although they don’t really advance the story.  Makes me wonder if these are meant to be an adaptation of the old “Imaginary Stories.”


Chris Kent is terrified that Clark will send him back home after he blew up the apartment in the previous issue.  Lois tries to comfort the boy, but all he can think of is the way Superman insisted that the Kryptonian woman from the Third Kryptonian turn herself in for her crimes.  Lois has a hard time trying to convince Chris that the situations are completely different.


The Insect Queen has added Superman’s DNA to her new troops, and now prepares to get rid of Superman.  Lana Lang steps in to fight back, and though she clearly is outmatched by the Insect Queen, this does give Superman the minute he needs to recover and fight back.  The newbie insects, despite having his powers, are no real threat to Superman.


He encases the Insect Queen in her own ambrosia, and sends her floating away in the void of space.  Although she does not return in this body, the Insect Queen does come back in Supergirl the following year.


And once back on Earth, Superman lets Chris know that he has no intention of sending him away.


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