Superman 671 – Lana Lang captured by Insect Queen


While in the pre-Crisis universe Insect Queen was Lana Lang’s hero identity, Busiek, Peter Vale and Merino introduce a villainous version with an interest in Lana Lang in Superman 671 (Feb. 08).


Lana Lang, who is currently the CEO of Lexcorp, gets attacked by a giant insect, who captures her and takes her away.


This story arc also deals with Chris Kent, and the explosive power bursts he suffers from, which the red sun watch is not much help in preventing.


The giant insects also go after Superman, though the reason behind these kidnappings is not clear at first.


The issue ends as Lana Lang meets the Insect Queen, who emerges from a chrysalis, looking much like Lana herself.

The story continues in the next issue.


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