Superman Annual 13 – Superman vs Arion, and a really good day


Busiek, Pacheco and Merino conclude the Arion storyline in Superman Annual 13.


Continuing from the end of Superman 667, the whirlpool the hero creates is enough to overcome the dome that Arion has created.  His impostor, still imprisoned, openly roots for Superman to defeat Arion.


Arion sends two sea monsters to fight Superman.  But as he battles them, he realizes that these are the two young New Gods who stayed behind, and have fallen prey to Arion.


While Arion himself transforms into a huge leviathan.


But Superman has been paying attention to the advice Phantom Stranger and Zatanna have been giving him.  He figures out that Arion is using the Atlantean tower as the focus of his spells, and destroys it.  With the tower gone, the spells vanish.  The New Gods return to their own form, and Superman captures Arion.


Of course, the one that Superman captures is the impostor, the real Arion heads back in time to the 1700s.  Not bad, nice art.  about on par with the rest of Busiek’s run.


Busiek joins with Fabian Nicienza, Renato Guedes and Jose Wilson Magalhaes for a really pleasant back-up story.  Superman and Supergirl bring Lois Lane, Ma and Pa Kent, Krypto and Chris Kent to a planet with low gravity, for an afternoon picnic.


This marks Chris Kent’s first appearance in this book, and it’s a fun little story.  And though all the characters have a great day, the Kents reflect that the best day of their lives was the day they found Clark.  Awww.


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