Superman 670 – Superman vs Amalak


Busiek, Leonardi and Green bring the Third Kryptonian story to a conclusion in Superman 670 (Jan. 08).


Amalak attacks Superman, but he is not the only one in peril in this issue.  Amalak’s men also go after Supergirl, Power Girl and even Krypto.


Amalak’s past gets filled in in a flashback scene.  His world had been ruled by Krypton, and had rebelled.  General Zod had exterminated the entire population, except for Amalak, who was out in space at the time.  Amalak swears vengeance against all Kryptonians.


So Kandor is a big prize for Amalak.  Batman tries to defend the Fortress, but only manages to delay Amalak long enough for the Kryptonians to get there.


Amalak finds the bottle city, but is furious.  It is not the REAL Kandor.  Incensed, Amalak destroys the bottle.  As Superman thinks, this does not actually destroy the city, as the bottle was really just an energy barrier, the city still exists in some other dimension.  Not that we will ever see it again. But this does open the door for the real Kandor to appear, not too far down the road.


With that done, the heroes all join together and trounce Amalak fairly easily.  The one who had called herself Kristen Wells decides to go to the interplanetary authorities (the Green Lantern Corps?  they aren’t named though), and turn herself in.

Some nice touches, but overall a bit of a disappointment.


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