Superman 669 – the Third Kryptonian


Superman finds another Kryptonian on Earth in the Busiek, Leonardi and Green story in Superman 669 (Late Dec. 07).


Thanks to Batman, Superman learns where the Kryptonian woman is hiding, living as a human under the name Kristen Wells (the same name as the pre-Crisis Superwoman).  She is none too happy to be found.


Much of the issue delves into her backstory.  She is far, far older than Superman, one of the first brigade of Kryptonian soldiers to leave Earth.  Discovering that they gained powers under different suns, she and others abandoned their posts and went rogue, becoming murderous pirates.


One subtle touch, which is nice, but kind of wasted, is the reference to the Silver Twist, which appeared in a few Green Lantern stories in the 70s.  Sadly, aside from it being there, it isn’t used in this story at all.


The Kryptonian pirates found themselves hunted down and killed by Amalak, who has a hate on for all Kryptonians.  She fled to Earth, and has been living undercover ever since.


As the story ends, Amalak arrives on Earth.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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