Superman 667 – finding Arion


Arion’s storyline moves towards its ending in Superman 667 (Nov. 07), by Busiek, Pacheco and Merino.


Zatanna and the Phantom Stranger are still hanging around after the previous issue, giving Superman some advice on dealing with Arion.


But then Subjekt 17 comes back, for one last big fight with Superman.  As with Arion, this enemy emphasizes that Superman is not from Earth.  Between the two of them, and Squad K, it’s beginning to irk the hero.


Arion, along with his captive impersonator, has taken up residence in an abandoned ancient outpost of Atlantis.  Superman hunts him down, but is unable to penetrate the magical dome.


So he creates a giant whirlpool to bust it open.  As usual, I prefer the art to the story, which concludes in an annual a couple months down the road.  But I’m going to talk about it next.


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