Superman 666 – evil Superman


Busiek is joined by Walt Simonson for Superman 666 (Nov. 07), which takes its numbering a a cue for a big supernatural story.


As with most of Busiek’s run, I prefer the art to the story.  Various magical characters sense danger approaching for Superman, and the Phantom Stranger comes to warn him directly.


Then we abruptly head into a tale with an evil Superman ruling the world.  The story hints both that this is a dream, and that it is something more.

sup_666_003Zatanna is monitoring this, but to her surprise Superman can see and interact with her.


There is a demon involved, and the game is for Superman’s soul.  But that is hardly a surprise.


There is a moderately good twist at the end, as we see that the Phantom Stranger made a hollow, corruptible Superman for the demon to take over, leaving the real one free to defeat him.


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