Superman 665 – Jimmy Olsen’s story


Superman 665 (Sept. 07) is a Countdown crossover of sorts, a special issue devoted to Jimmy Olsen, relating how he came to work at the Planet, and become friends with the Superman cast.


Busiek is joined by Rick Leonardi and Ande Parks as we meet Jimmy as a young boy, selling newspapers on the street.  Perry White is impressed with the boy, who also makes an impression on Lois Lane and new reporter Clark Kent.


After Clark finds out that Jimmy is homeless, and living secretly at the Planet, we get the story about the disappearance of his father, and how his mother went off searching for him.


Some criminals are working with experimental kryptonite based armor, and Jimmy happens to be on the spot when they are threatening Superman.  He risks his life to help the hero, which leads to their long, close friendship.

Not bad for what it is.


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