Superman 664 – Arion, Squad K and the Prankster all go after Superman


Superman has more than he can deal with in Superman 664 (Aug. 07), by Busiek, Pacheco and Merino.


Arion casts a spell on Superman, and this is seen by Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen.  The news spreads fast, and a new military unit, Squad K, make their debut.  Under the command of Percy Hazzard, this unit is designed to be able to take down a mind-controlled Superman.  Except that he fought off the spell, and is not being mind-controlled, though no one will listen to him.


The Prankster just complicates matters with a giant cream pie, and being coated in it does not help Superman as he tries to insist he is not out of control.  Even the Justice League and Justice Society arrive before he can convince people that nothing is actually wrong.


By this point, Arion has long vanished.  But Superman does manage to track down and catch the Prankster.


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