Superman 663 – New Gods tourism


Busiek, Pacheco and Merino bring some New Gods to Metropolis on their version of a school trip in Superman 664 (July 2007).


The story opens in the Oblivion Bar, where we see the Arion who had appeared in Day of Vengeance chatting up Witchfire and Traci Thirteen. The Ghost Patrol have a rare, background cameo.  Bork seems to be working as the bouncer, and tosses this Arion out.  Bad news for him, as he falls into the hands of the real Arion.


The boy had found some of Arion’s mystical weaponry, and had taken on the identity.  Now he will spend eternity paying for his presumption.


As for Superman, he is busy dealing with a group of young New Gods, brought to Earth by Lightray and Fastbak.  They are eager to be helpful, “arresting” people who are using an ATM (stealing money through a hole in the wall).  The young New Gods head back with their supervisors towards the end of the story, but two create duplicates of themselves, and stay behind.


Arion finally comes to Superman, demanding to know his decision about stepping down.  Superman says he won’t, and the delayed battle between him and Arion finally begins.

The story continues in the next issue.


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