Superman 660 – the Prankster’s vengeance


The Prankster gets to star in the Busiek, Mike Manly and Bret Blevins story in Superman 660 (March 2007), although Superman does get a small role.


The tale deals with a wanna-be gangsta, Nitro G, who has explosive powers.  He hires the Prankster to provide some gimmicks to enhance a planned bank robbery.


But after one successful outing, Nitro G starts demanding, and threatening, the Prankster.  Not a smart move.  The Prankster pretends to go along with him, and gives him some gimmicks for his next robbery.  But these gimmicks are rigged to do what the Prankster wants, not what Nitro G wants.


The Prankster turns the thief into a giant stick of dynamite, and even though Superman rescues Nitro, it leaves him naked and without any status.

One of the best Prankster stories, probably because it did not pit him against Superman.


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