Superman 655 – Arion gets involved


Arion, the one-time Lord of Atlantis, gets pulled into the Superman world by Busiek, Pacheco and Merino, in Superman 655 (Oct. 06).


The story begins with Arion in 18th century France, getting a vision of some terrible future events.  He peers into the future to see more clearly.  The bulk of the story consists of what he sees.


Clark Kent visits Lana Lang, supposedly to get an interview about running Lexcorp, though in reality they talk about her divorce and feelings about Pete, and the fact that Pete will no longer call their son Clark.  There is some romantic tension between Clark and Lana, but he has an emergency to fly off to.


A secret Soviet experiment from years earlier breaks free.  Subjekt 17 is some sort of alien being, it appears, and able to cause an awful lot of damage, and make trouble for Superman.


Arion is displeased with what he sees, and opens a passageway to the present to set things right.

The story continues in the next issue.


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