Superman 654 – the new CEO of Lexcorp


Busiek begins his solo run on the book with Superman 654 (Sept. 06), with art by Carlos Pacheco and Jesus Merino.


Intergang is back and causing problems, as Superman and the SCU have to deal with Neutron.  Some energy collecting rods help take control of him.


Perry White informs Clark Kent that his old flame Lana Lang has been appointed to take over Lexcorp, and suggests that Clark get an exclusive interview with her.


But before he can do that, there is a lot of other running around to do.  The Prankster does not really appear in this story, only his latest annoyance, of giant electrified popcorn.


Far more dangerous is the return of Ugly Mannheim, now given power to take on giant size.  Superman wonders if he is still getting his weaponry from Darkseid, but Mannheim seems to have a new partner.  He disappears, but vows to return.

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