Superman 652 – Clark Kent gets back into the costume


Up, Up and Away nears its conclusion in the Busiek, Johns and Woods chapter in Superman 652 (July 2006).


With his powers coming back, Clark Kent attempts to leap a tall building in a single bound.  It doesn’t quite work as intended, his powers are still weak, and he is out of practice.


With Lois Lane’s encouragement, Clark dons his Superman costume again, and goes into action.


There are a horde of villains ready and waiting for him, including the new Puzzler.  I love the visuals for this character, but she didn’t really catch on.


Live Wire, Hellgrammite, Silver Banshee, Riot, and another new Bloodsport are also gunning for Superman, and he manages to take each of them out.


As well as proving that he is still faster than a speeding bullet, which is heading right for Jimmy Olsen’s head.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.


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