Superman 650 – One Year Later


Kurt Busiek, Geoff Johns and Pete Woods launch the post-Infinite Crisis Superman, jumping One Year Later, as all the DC books do this month. The title also reverts to Superman with this issue, while retaining its numbering. In the intervening year, Superman has been without his powers, a result of his exposure to kryptonite at the end of Infinite Crisis.  He has been living exclusively as Clark Kent.


A scientist, K. Russell Abernathy, has been working on an experiment to use kryptonite as a power source.  What a surprise, the experiment goes horribly wrong.


Abernathy winds up converted into the new Kryptonite Man.


But this is not a job for the powerless Superman.  It’s a job for Supergirl, as Clark observes the scene, to report on it for the paper.


Lex Luthor has been booted from his own company, after all the scandals that the Planet has been reporting about him.  He blames Clark for this, and has his goons rough him up.

The story continues in the next issue of Action.



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