Adventures of Superman 649 – Superman vs Superman


Another vast creative team for Adventures of Superman 649 (April 2006), part of a three part story that pits the original version of Superman against the current one, crossing over with Infinite Crisis. Joe Kelly, Ed Benes, Mariah Benes, Thomas Derenick, Wayne Faucher, Karl Kerschl, Duncan Rouleau, Dale Eaglesham, Drew Geraci, Ed McGuinnes and Dexter Vines are the creative team.


In the previous chapter of the story, the original and current Superman each wound up living the other one’s life, convinced that they could do it better.  But we see that the original Superman, in the modern world, escalates tensions, and begins to use the Phantom one as a prison for Earth’s villains.


While on the classic Earth-2, the current Superman has been so successful that there is nothing much for him or Power Girl to do, and most of the other heroes have retired.  This seems idyllic, until the arrival of the Anti-Monitor and Crisis on Infinite Earths.  There simply are not any heroes to join in the battle.


When the situation on Earth-1 descends into a violent civil war, culminating in an Kingdom Come-like destruction, the original Superman realizes he has done no better.


The current Superman reaches much the same conclusion as he fights and loses to the Anti-Monitor on Earth-2.


The issue ends as the Crisis wave hits the battling Supermen, and leads into Infinite Crisis 5.


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