Adventures of Superman 648 – the ruins of Bludhaven


Adventures of Superman 648 (March 2006) is an Infinite Crisis tie-in, as Rucka, Defilippis, Weir, Kerschl and Guedes deal with the situation in Bludhaven after the Secret Society drop Chemo as a bomb onto the city.


There is mass destruction and death, and a huge amount of toxic waste, Chemo-style.


Chemo re-builds himself, with the aid of Green Lantern.  The people of Bludhaven are both puzzled and angry at this, but Hal is working with Superman on the bigger picture.  The more Chemo rebuilds, the more toxic waste he pulls into his own body.  Once he has gathered up the bulk of it, Superman comes in, grabs Chemo, and tosses him into the atmosphere.


At the end of the story, we see the Teen Titans entering Bludhaven, which pays the groundwork for the Battle for Bludhaven miniseries.



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