Adventures of Superman 647 – Ruin unmasked for real


The real conclusion to the Ruin story comes in Adventures of Superman 647 (Feb. 06), by Rucka, Defilippis, Weir and Guedes.


Lupe Leocadio has been set up perfectly by Ruin, to kill Pete Ross, believing he is the villain, in order to save Lana Lang.  But despite all of Emil Hamilton’s planning, Lupe sees through the ruse. Superman gets there just in time, but discovers that Lupe was not intending to shoot Pete anyway.


In fact, Lupe risks her own life to save Pete when Ruin uses everything at his command to kill them all.


Superman gets Lupe, Pete and Lana to the hospital, and then goes after Emil Hamilton. It’s a sad confrontation between the former friends, as Hamilton has completely lost his mind, and is willing to kill himself simply to get at Superman.  But Superman ensures that no one dies, and brings his former friend to prison.  Although it’s sad to see this ending for Emil Hamilton, it does come full circle, from his earliest appearances in this book.


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